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[1THING] Blog: Archive for April, 2015

[ Drought In Calif. Creates Water Wars Between Farmers, Developers, Residents ]

Fresno native Mark Arax has written about the war over water in his state for decades. “It used to be the farmers against the delta smelt fish, and now it’s the urbanite against the almond,” he says.

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[ Deb Furry ]

Deb Furry

Deb Furry brings 30 years’ experience in workplace fundraising on both the local and national level. As the director of Community Works in Boston Massachusetts, she worked closely with Federal, State, and City campaign leadership to help implement fair and equitable campaigns for all participants. She also worked with over 50 private businesses and local universities to support their campaign activities.

As the director of the National Alliance for Choice in Giving, Deb supported networking, training, and resource sharing among the 32 local environmental, social justice and women’s federations as they worked together to build their capacity and a movement for broader workplace choice. As director of NACG, Deb coordinated the development of a training institute for new federation executives, which trained more than 110 key leaders.

Deb has served as a nonprofit consultant for the last 15 years, first through Technical Assistance for Community Services (now the Nonprofit Association of Oregon), and now through her own business. Deb works with organizations on strategic planning, resource development, board development, and a variety of other organizational issues. Her approach is to work with organizations to build their capacity to identify, develop and effectively use their resources through consultation, training, and coaching. Her client base includes organizations in the northwest as well as around the country.

Clients include the State of Oregon Employees Charitable Fund Drive, where Deb serves as Team Leader and is a key part of the management team implementing the employees’ campaign which raises approximately $1 million a year in support of 11 statewide funds and federations and 16 local United Way organizations. Deb has also provided strategic planning assistance to a number of the Community Shares federations and staffing support to Community Shares USA.

Deb has served on the board of EarthShare Oregon since 1999 and served six years as the board chair. She has served on the EarthShare board since 2003 and has been a member of the Affiliations Committee and Executive Committee.


[ Solar Distress Signs at Yingli, In Europe ]

The solar panel sector has become quite a turbulent place these days, riding high one day on reports of major new plant construction, only to stumble the next on signs of conflict and financial distress. This kind of conflicting news reflects the fact that the industry is still in the midst of a major overhaul that could ultimately see a few more c


[ Musk Plots Energy Storage Fix Where Utility Industry Failed ]

Billionaire Elon Musk thinks he can pave the way to a better energy future by turning the mattress-shaped batteries in Tesla’s electric car into upright pillars so they can be used to power homes, businesses and even utilities.


[ A Square Cheeseburger in a Round Hole? A Q&A about the Value of Solar ]

In 2013, Minnesota was the first state to adopt a value of solar policy as an alternative to net metering. It was left to the state’s investor-owned utilities to adopt the policy, but none have as yet. Why don’t utilities want to use value of solar? Should solar advocates be pleased or put-out that the policy lies dormant? Find out more in this deb


[ 7 Ways to Market Solar Products and Services with Twitter’s New Periscope App ]

Note to B2B and B2C solar industry marketers: Twitter’s new Periscope app is not a fad. Unlike Google+, a zombie social network that should only be used for SEO purposes, Periscope will soon join Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as your fourth must-have social platform for solar marketing — in all sectors. So what is Periscope? Essentially, it’s a l


[ International Remedies for Foreign Investors in Europe’s Renewable Energy Sector ]

International investors who have suffered losses in the renewable energy sectors in Spain, the Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria, among others, may be entitled to compensation for their losses under the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) and/or relevant bilateral investment treaties (BITs). Once viewed as the nuclear option, companies now recognise investor-state arbitration as simply another dispute resolution mechanism — albeit one with more teeth — which does not preclude a continuing relationship with the Respondent state.


[ Engineering Possibilities Versus Practical Implementation: Utility Portfolios and Business Models ]

Europe’s utilities are re-evaluating their business models due to the energy transition. Members of POWER-GEN Europe’s Advisory Board consider how a reliance on fossil fuels is no longer politically desirable, forcing utilities to transform their portfolios to adapt to radical change.


[ Dot Earth Blog: Dire Prospects Seen When the Full Nepal Earthquake Death Toll is Tallied ]

A seasoned seismologist says Nepal is making a mistake by not acknowledging the scope of projected losses from Saturday’s major earthquake.


[ 8.4-MW Cogeneration Plant to Power Los Angeles International Airport ]

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has opened its new 75,000 square foot, $438 million Central Utilities Plant (CUP).