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[1THING] Blog: Archive for June, 2016

[ Trilobites: ‘Quiet Fireworks’ Promise Relief for Children and Animals ]

A new genre of fireworks displays caters to audiences that can do without the noise, but they will be hard to find this Fourth of July.


[ CC&L adds financing for B.C.’s 12-MW Hunter Creek small hydro plant ]

Infrastructure investment firm Connor, Clark & Lunn has announced it will help finance the 12-MW Hunter Creek hydroelectric project near Hope, British Columbia.


[ Ozone Hole Shows Signs of Shrinking, Scientists Say ]

Three decades after a treaty to phase out the use of chemicals known as CFCs, there are indications that the hole in the ozone layer is healing.


[ Sustainable Women Series: Green Innovation in Electrical Design & Perfecting Pizza Delivery ]

Care Technology provides technological solutions to the needs of customers through innovations like energy-efficient LED lighting and transportable heat sources that operate without power racks or induction heaters. We spoke to co-founder Belinda Wong about the production of their sustainable offerings and the benefits of green technology.


[ Smart Solar and Energy Storage on Display Intersolar and ees EU and North America ]

As the renewable energy industry matures, the need for smart energy control systems continues to emerge. This is one theme that the two Intersolars are showcasing this year.  Intersolar Europe, which took place in Munich June 22-24 saw 1,000+ exhibitors out of which 350 were in the energy storage industry. Intersolar North America, which takes place next week in San Francisco will welcome solar and energy storage companies from across the globe and offer educational workshops on all topics related to smart energy.

The solar market is booming worldwide. The Global Market Outlook 2016–2020 report by SolarPower Europe, which was unveiled at the EU show indicated that by the end of 2015, a total of 229 gigawatts (GW) of photovoltaic (PV) capacity had been installed worldwide, which equates to a 45-fold growth in just ten years. What’s more, the association predicts that this amount could rise to 700 GW by 2020.


[ US Treasury Attorney Discusses Pending ITC Guidance at Finance Forum ]

Hannah Hawkins, Attorney-Advisor in the office of Tax Legislative Counsel of the United States Treasury was a panelist at the Renewable Energy Finance Forum in New York on June 21 and commented on investment tax credit (ITC) related guidance that Treasury is working on.


[ Abu Dhabi’s Masdar Picked to Build Solar Plant in Dubai ]

A Masdar-led group won the bidding to build a solar power plant in Dubai to produce what could be the world’s cheapest electricity generated from the sun.


[ Argentina Launches Innovative Renewables Program ]

Argentina will hold a public auction on August 22 to buy 1,000 MW of renewable energy under an innovative program called “RenovAR” that includes a “green trust fund” to provide security and confidence to investors.


[ Do You and Your Energy Storage Investment Have Good Chemistry? Part 1 ]

As the energy storage industry gains momentum, it will be increasingly important for consumers to evaluate a number of factors that will impact their returns on investment. It is well known that energy storage systems providing a greater mix of services typically have a more favorable rate of return than those with limited capabilities whether used for applications in front-of-the-meter or behind-the-meter.


[ Take a Visual Tour of Vermont’s Kingdom Community Wind Project ]