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[1THING] Blog: Archive for March, 2017

[ Artist’s Exhibit Borrows Human Tech To Solve Nature’s Manmade Problems ]

Artist and philosopher Jonathon Keats didn’t need to create anything new to show the absurdity of human problem-solving. All he had to do was give human technology to animals.

(Image credit: Jonathon Keats)


[ Some In Corporate America Push Back On Trump’s Climate Regulations Roll Back ]

This week’s executive order to roll back climate regulations may sit well with the fossil fuel industry, but most of corporate America is unimpressed. Many large companies are sticking to their plans to tackle climate change by investing in renewable energy and green practices.


[ Ohio Legislators Move to Roll Back State Renewable Portfolio Standard ]

The Ohio House of Representatives yesterday voted 65-31 to pass a bill that would end the state’s current mandate for the amount of renewable energy utilities must provide customers in Ohio.


[ Japan’s Annual Antarctic Expedition Returns With 333 Whale Carcasses ]

The Nisshin Maru, mother ship in the Japanese whaling fleet, returns to port in southwestern Japan on Friday.

The country’s Fisheries Agency says the trip is conducted each year to further ecological research — which is an exception in a worldwide ban on commercial whaling. Others aren’t buying the claim.

(Image credit: Kyodo/Reuters)


[ What you should know about this little-noticed Trump order on methane pollution ]

Buried in the sweeping energy executive order was a methane provision that could have major implications for our climate and public health.


[ This Old Mine Is Now British Columbia’s Largest Solar Farm ]

For over a century, the landscape north of Kimberley, British Columbia, was used for intensive industrial hard-rock mining — but now it’s home to the largest solar farm in all of British Columbia. Over the decades, the site of Teck’s (formerly Cominco’s) Sullivan Mine hosted a steel mill, fertilizer plant and tailings ponds, rendering the area tree-less for the foreseeable future.


[ Born Global Slip-Stream Challenge Gets Underway ]

There are six oddly-named streams in the bioeconomy, and it reminds one of the nomenclature of subatomic quarks. There is upstream, midstream, downstream, main-stream, waste-stream, and slip-stream. But of all the streams, perhaps there is nothing so vital yet muddled as the identity of the mainstream and that of the slipstreams.


[ China’s Solar PV Industry Saw Continued Recovery in 2016 ]

China’s solar PV industry continued its recovery in 2016, with gross output value reaching 336 billion yuan (US$49 billion), a rise of 27 percent compared to 2015, according to statistics released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.


[ New Global Solar Capacity Outpaced Wind in 2016, IRENA Says ]

Last year marked the first time since 2013 that solar energy growth outpaced wind energy, according to a new report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Solar saw a record 71 GW of new capacity in 2016, while wind increased by 51 GW.



[ Rising Seas Threaten Coastal Military Bases ]

Many military installations are along coastlines and are vulnerable to rising seas, including military bases on the Virginia coast, which face dangers of flooding.