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[1THING] Blog: Archive for December, 2017

[ Manliness And Green Living ]

NPR’s Linda Wertheimer talks with marketing professor Aaron Brough about his finding that men are less likely to recycle than women because eco-friendly behaviors don’t seem manly.


[ China’s Crackdown On Polluters ]

You’ve seen the pictures of smog-filled skies over Chinese cities, pedestrians venturing out only in gas masks. But 2017 was the year China finally began to crack down on big polluters.


[ 2017 Was The Year Of Extreme Weather ]

This year will go down in history for its extreme weather. Researchers have now definitively attributed three major extreme weather events to climate change.


[ Inside Renewable Energy — The How and Why of Advanced Inverters and the Energy IoT ]

Catch up with Bruce Bailey and Ken Boyce of UL on what the market for advanced inverters looks like today, why they can support the growth of a clean and resilient grid, and what their evolution will look like over time.


[ Listen Up: A Journey from Solar Thermal to Integrated Battery Storage ]

Please join us on this week’s Energy Show for Jeff Brown’s candid insights into the factors that are reducing the benefits of rooftop solar — which then are leading to the next phase (spoiler alert: energy storage) of the rooftop solar industry.


[ Investors Keen to Support Mongolia’s Renewable Energy Goals ]

The pace of Mongolian wind investment announcements is quickening. The country’s leaders are working to meet increasing demand for electricity, reduce heavy reliance on coal and improve energy security. It’s no surprise, therefore, that renewable energy solutions have become the focus of such new investments.


[ Higher Education and Solar Energy: A Partnership Whose Time Has Come ]

Whether public or private, institutions of higher education have developed with a mission to serve society and the greater good. Our youth attend colleges and universities to learn, grow and develop as they prepare for adulthood, facing the world’s challenges and opportunities. The college experience is immersive, with learning and growth occurring both in and out of the classroom.


[ California’s Shrinking Salton Sea ]

A once trendy oasis near Palm Springs is now a shrinking body of toxic water, polluted with agricultural run-off. It may get worse in January, when water feeding the Salton Sea will be diverted.


[ Federal Appeals Court Gives EPA 90 Days To Propose Long-Awaited Lead Standards ]

A federal appeals court has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to propose a new standard for lead inside homes within 90 days. NPR’s Robert Siegel speaks with Eve Gartner, who litigated on behalf of groups suing the EPA to update the standards.


[ Thomas Fire Evacuees Return Home To Find What’s Left ]

The massive Thomas Fire in Southern California is now 89 percent contained and evacuees are starting to return home. The Upper Ojai Valley was especially hard-hit. About a quarter of the homes there were destroyed.