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[ Types of Harmsco Replacement Filter Cartridges ]

When you buy pool filters and spa filters, you must always choose a brand that is reliable and provides high quality filters and pool or spa filter replacement cartridges. After a prolonged use of the … …

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[ Why Should You Use Indoor Hydroponic Gardening Systems? ]

The benefits of hydroponics systems have been studies since decades ago when researchers discovers that plants can get their essential nutrients just from water and not soil. In traditional growing methods and in farming, the … …

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[ Benefits of Living in a Wooden House ]

People, who intend to build a house always have to make a decision on what material it should be constructed. Brick, concrete, wood, clay are materials mostly used in house building. One of the manual … …

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[ Modern Pest-Control Techniques Used in Wanganui ]

Pests mean harmful rodent and insects like bees, wasps, flies, roaches, mice, ants, rats, termites, etc. They cause the problem for us. Most of these pests have detrimental effects on your body. This is why … …

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[ In U.S. Cleanup Efforts, Accident at Nuclear Site Points to Cost of Lapses ]

As the United States aims to correct years of mishandling radioactive materials, the price of reopening a New Mexico waste repository could top $551 million.

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How would you like to volunteer in the Mid-South?

Planting trees at Shelby Farms Park
Cleaning up McKellar Lake with Living Lands and Waters
Planting community gardens with GrowMemphis
Cleaning litter with Memphis City Beautiful

Where can I drop off recycling?

Five recycling drop-off centers are available for residents and businesses not serviced by City of Memphis Sold Waste Management.

  • Downtown – Located in the gravel parking area on Mud Island Drive at the North entrance to Mud Island Park.
  • East Memphis – Located on Moore Ed, just south of the Shelby Showplace Arena at the Agricenter International.
  • Midtown – Located on the corner of Cooper and Walker at the First Congregational Church.
  • Southeast – Located at the Hickory Hill Community Center at 3910 Ridgeway.
  • ReCommunity – 3197 Farrisview Blvd., located off American Way just west of Lamar intersection. Place recycling material in carts located just outside the gate.