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Faith in Action Memphis Cleanup

This quick quiz from Ecological Footprint will help you determine how much “nature” your lifestyle requires. Click here to find out how much of an impact you make on Mother Earth.

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[ Dot Earth Blog: Beneath the Surface of China’s Great Urban Rush ]

Can China’s urbanization push sidestep the Western pattern of pollution and sprawl, and can it consider the rights of displaced citizens?

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[ The Solar Battlefield: How the US DOD Will Bring Solar Technology Mainstream ]

When it comes to driving the development of renewable energy technology, no greater facilitating force exists than the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). Acting on a mandate to achieve 25 percent reliability on renewable energy by the year 2025, the DOD has been busy in its aggressive pursuit of that goal — proving that more often than not, great things can result from unlikely alliances.…

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[ For the Greater Green: Algae-Based Advanced Biofuels Bring a Clean, Affordable Solution ]

As the implications of the global energy crisis continue to intensify, cost-effective and truly sustainable solutions are crucial. The energy industry experienced a giant leap with the production of first-generation biofuels, but rising costs and questionable energy yields have led to an innovative second wave of advanced biofuels that require less land and offer greater outputs at cost-competitive prices.…

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[ Op-Docs: ‘Animals Are Persons Too’ ]

A short documentary follows the lawyer Steven Wise’s effort to break down the legal wall that separates animals from humans.

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[ Buy Garden Pots and Hire a Lawn Care Specialist for Your Garden in Melbourne ]

Garden is the heaven of a well decorated house. When the canopy of blue sky brings sunlight and warmth at the time when cool breeze blows, resting in the garden area of your home is … …

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How would you like to volunteer in the Mid-South?

Planting trees at Shelby Farms Park
Cleaning up McKellar Lake with Living Lands and Waters
Planting community gardens with GrowMemphis
Cleaning litter with Memphis City Beautiful

Where can I drop off recycling?

Five recycling drop-off centers are available for residents and businesses not serviced by City of Memphis Sold Waste Management.

  • Downtown – Located in the gravel parking area on Mud Island Drive at the North entrance to Mud Island Park.
  • East Memphis – Located on Moore Ed, just south of the Shelby Showplace Arena at the Agricenter International.
  • Midtown – Located on the corner of Cooper and Walker at the First Congregational Church.
  • Southeast – Located at the Hickory Hill Community Center at 3910 Ridgeway.
  • ReCommunity – 3197 Farrisview Blvd., located off American Way just west of Lamar intersection. Place recycling material in carts located just outside the gate.