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[1THING] Blog: Archive for October, 2014

[ Get Professional Help For Installing Shade Sails ]

Shade sails have become a popular shading solution in the United States in recent years. Among the wide variety of shading tools square and parabolic are two most popular types. These two types of products …


[ National Briefing | West: Hawaii: Lava Gawkers Arrested ]

A man and a woman have been arrested in the town of Pahoa for trespassing to see lava, the police said Friday.


[ Dot Earth Blog: Can Congress Act to Block Fungal Threat to U.S. Amphibians? ]

Scientists warn that a potent fungus poses a grave threat to American salamanders, with the pet trade the probable path without more controls.


[ Massachusetts Eyes Net Metering for Small Hydropower Projects ]

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities issued notice of a technical conference to study proposed net electricity metering by small hydroelectric projects. The conference is scheduled Nov. 7, with comments to be filed by Dec. 5.


[ Brazil Solar Power Auction May Spur $1 Billion in Investment ]

Brazil’s first national energy auction with a specific category for power generated from sunlight may spur as much as $1 billion in investment in solar power.


[ Power REIT: Light at the End of the Tunnel? ]

I first became interested in Power REIT (NYSE MKT:PW) in 2012 because of the company’s plans to become what would have been the first US-listed “yieldco,” i.e. a clean energy power producer paying a high level of reliable dividends to investors. The company was an infrastructure Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) with a single asset: its subsidiary, Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway (P&WV) which owned 122 miles of track leased to Norfolk Southern Corp. (NYSE:NSC), which had in turn subleased the track to Wheeling & Lake Erie (WLE.)


[ GRID WARS: The Battle to Control Your Electricity ]

Rarely has a major U.S. industry reached a crossroads as stark as that facing today’s electric utilities. EPA’s recent proposal for regulating carbon emissions from power plants is just one part of a broader trend, as the century-old model of centralized fossil fuel burning electricity generation moves towards obsolescence.


[ Listen Up: An Architect’s Perspective on Rooftop Solar ]

Architects are in the driver’s seat when it comes to building new homes or overseeing major remodeling projects. Although they are familiar with rooftop solar, their designs generally do not include solar panels. Whether it’s because of cost, technology or aesthetics, it’s a big opportunity that is lost to almost all new homeowners.


[ Lava Flow In Hawaii Spares Homes, But Threatens To Cut Off Community ]

The state has sent National Guard troops to the town of Pahoa to assist with a road block and security.

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[ Place the Extravagant Restroom Facilities on Your Event Sites With Luxury Porta Potties ]

Renting luxury porta potties from rental companies, the best thing to place extravagant restroom facilities on event sites, it provides the comforts of hotel’s luxury washroom. Event celebration is a tough task, you invite people …