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[1THING] Blog: Archive for July, 2016

[ Brexit: A Hard or Soft Landing for Renewables? ]

In June, the UK electorate voted to leave the European Union. Now, the question is: will the UK’s departure be a “Soft Brexit” or a “Hard Brexit” and what will be the impact for the renewables industry?


[ Thousands Of Firefighters Battle Massive Big Sur Blaze ]

After more than a week, a 38,000-acre wildfire on the California coast is still growing, and authorities warn it could burn through August even after it is contained.


[ Researchers Report More Great White Sharks Along East Coast ]

A restoration of the seal population in the Northeast means more activity among their greatest predator. Researchers on Cape Cod are studying the their movements and educating the public about safety.


[ ‘They Failed’: 6 More Michigan Employees Charged In Flint Water Crisis ]

In announcing the charges, Michigan’s attorney general said those accused attempted to “bury or cover up, downplay or hide information” about elevated lead levels in Flint’s water supply.


[ UK’s Biggest Coal Station Now Runs Mainly on Biomass ]

What was once Britain’s biggest coal station is now powered mainly by wood pellets and its owner, Drax Group Plc, will learn in the next few months if can complete the conversion of another unit to run on renewable fuel.


[ Swaziland Plans 35-MW Biomass Plant ]

Swaziland, a tiny landlocked monarchy, sandwiched between South Africa and Mozambique, and known for its wilderness reserves and festivals showcasing traditional Swazi culture, is planning a 35-MW biomass-powered plant to begin operations in three years.


[ Gloomy Days in the Oil Patch, but Some See a Glimmer of Light ]

Because of slumping world demand and a glut of global supply, oil players are still struggling to cope with the industry’s doldrums.


[ Russia May Shift from Export to Domestic Use of Wood Pellets ]

In the near future, Russia may take advantage of production of renewable energy from wood pellets for the needs of remote towns and villages where such practice could cut the cost of energy nearly ten times, according to a recent study of National Research University — Higher School of Economics.


[ 50 Hot Bio-Based Companies, 50 Quick Takes ]

Renewables are coming to replace petroleum, predicted by self-proclaimed tech prognosticators everywhere. On the other end — inflated and unrealistic valuations, a shaky stock market, and a weak China, and as the oil prices fluctuate, they will take many smaller and un-mythical bio-based startups down. Why? Because you cannot have a successful bio-based company without a subsidy or an incentive from the government with the era of $44 crude oil! That is the usual reply from the unfamiliar!


[ Innovation Clusters: Drivers of Cutting-Edge Technologies for Our Energy Future ]

Innovation takes teamwork. Sometimes that teamwork takes the form of companies, universities, or state and local governments collaborating together in novel ways. This can also occur through an “innovation cluster,” or a “regional center of innovation,” in which stakeholders come together to solve common problems. Recently, there has been increased focus on innovation clusters for energy projects. Substantial state and federal funds are being allocated toward developing energy innovation clusters due to their many benefits, including the creation of inventions and processes that will improve the nation’s energy efficiency.