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[1THING] Blog: Archive for December, 2016

[ News Analysis: In Shift, China to Shut Ivory Market — but Will That Save Elephants? ]

If the Chinese government really commits to combating the ivory trade, then the price of ivory could collapse. Criminal organizations and poachers will then abandon the business.


[ By Returning To Farming’s Roots, He Found His American Dream ]


David Fisher’s farm is a kind of American Dream. Not the conventional one of upward economic mobility. This is the utopian version, the uncompromising pursuit of a difficult agrarian ideal.

(Image credit: Dan Charles/NPR)


[ High Demand, Low Supply: Colorado River Water Crisis Hits Across The West ]

Beverly Kurtz and Tim Guenthner live near Gross Reservoir outside Boulder, Colo. They oppose a an expansion project that would raise the reservoir

After years of drought and dropping water levels, the Colorado River is reaching a crisis point. Communities at either end of the river are looking at a variety of measures, from storage to sharing.

(Image credit: Grace Hood/Colorado Public Radio)


[ Top 10 Renewable Energy Trends to Watch in 2017 ]

A review of all the headlines published by Renewable Energy World this year revealed many interesting trends in the global renewable energy marketplace. Ten trends, however, stand out as being major stories to watch in 2017.


[ Macquarie Buys $2 Billion Stake in UK Offshore Wind Farm ]

Macquarie Group Ltd. bought a 50 percent stake in the Race Bank offshore wind farm being developed in the U.K. North Sea from Dong Energy A/S for 1.6 billion pounds ($2 billion).


[ Ohio Governor Vetoes Bill to Extend Freeze on Renewable Energy ]

Ohio Governor John Kasich rejected a bill to extend a freeze on a law that requires utilities in the state to buy more electricity from renewable sources including wind and solar power.


[ Trilobites: Cheetahs in Danger of Extinction, Researchers Say ]

A drop in their numbers has prompted an international team to call for changing the animal’s status from vulnerable to endangered.


[ Hawaiian Electric Alters Blueprint for Renewable Energy Development ]

The Hawaiian Electric Companies on Dec. 23 outlined a detailed plan charting the near-term actions that will lead to the use of renewable resources to meet 100 percent of Hawai’i’s power generation needs by 2045.


[ Lease Granted for Development of 8.3-MW Puu Opae Pumped Storage Hydro in Hawaii ]

The Agribusiness Development Corporation (ADC) of Hawaii has approved a five-year lease to the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC) for development of its 8.3-MW Puu Opae pumped-storage hydro project, according to the Honolulu Civil Beat.


[ Fish Seek Cooler Waters, Leaving Some Fishermen’s Nets Empty ]

Catch limits for fishermen are often based on where fish have been most abundant in the past. But they have failed to keep up with geographical changes.