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[1THING] Blog: Archive for January, 2017

[ Administration Orders Easement For Construction Of Dakota Access Pipeline ]

Protesters gather in December 2016 at a camp near the Dakota Access Pipeline construction site.

Members of the North Dakota congressional delegation say the acting secretary of the army has ordered the Corps of Engineers to proceed with an easement needed to complete the pipeline.

(Image credit: Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)


[ Move Over Sheep, Doves Are Returning Home To Tiny Island Of Socorro ]

A Socorro dove perches at the Africam Safari Zoo in Puebla, Mexico. Scientists are planning to bring the dove species back to Socorro Island, the dove

On an island where sheep, cats and mice thrive, the doves died off. But scientists have a plan to reintroduce the Socorro dove to its ancestral home.

(Image credit: Loretta Williams for NPR)


[ Space Archaeologist Wants Citizen Scientists To Identify Archaeological Looting ]

Satellite imagery of Machu Pichu in Peru, taken in June 2016.

Sarah Parcak used $1 million in TED Prize money to launch a program called GlobalXplorer that allows anyone online to analyze satellite images of archaeological sites for evidence.

(Image credit: DigitalGlobal2017)


[ These critical disaster safety efforts will be at risk if Trump eliminates the Climate Action Plan ]

The president's 180-degree policy shift will undermine efforts to prepare for climate change disasters that are already upon us.


[ EMEC Wins Award for Wave, Tidal Work ]

European Marine Energy Centre announced it won the Marine and Hydro Energy award presented at the Rushlight Awards 2016-17, according to an EMEC press release.


[ This Week in Washington: The President and Congress Set to Move on Environmental Regulation ]

The week promises to see two important actions impacting federal environmental regulation. Continuing to churn out executive orders, President Donald Trump signed the long-promised order requiring federal agencies to eliminate two regulations for every one proposed—starting in 2017.


[ A Huge Contributor to Clean Energy Has Left Us ]

In the mid-1970s, following the oil embargoes as a U.S. Senate energy aide, those of us promoting a clean energy future were ridiculed. While we had public support, we lacked the analytical back-up because these technological approaches were so new, and the emerging industries were so immature. Visionaries like Amory Lovins and Dennis Hayes worked mightily to fill that gap.


[ Meet Susan Hamm: 5 Questions with the New Geothermal Technologies Director ]

Dr. Susan G. Hamm brings with her an impressive portfolio that includes operations, budget and management, and a background in the geological sciences. The new director of the Geothermal Technologies Office sat down with me recently to discuss her new role as she leads efforts to improve performance, lower costs, and accelerate deployment of geothermal technologies.


[ The Year of Climate Finance: 2017 Outlook ]

In the year following the signing of the Paris Agreement in 2015, there was an increased interest in building a broad spectrum of financial solutions that can both deliver on commitments to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and deliver in the unique markets of disparate countries.


[ Tesla’s Battery Revolution Just Reached Critical Mass ]

Tesla Motors Inc. is making a huge bet that millions of small batteries can be strung together to help kick fossil fuels off the grid. The idea is a powerful one—one that’s been used to help justify the company’s $5 billion factory near Reno, Nev.—but batteries have so far only appeared in a handful of true, grid-scale pilot projects.