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[1THING] Blog: Archive for August, 2017

[ In Houston, Floods Push Impoverished Residents Into Crisis ]

Whitlee Hurd, the mother of five children, walks through her damaged home in northeast Houston. "This is my child

Poor neighborhoods on the northeast side were hit hard by the storm. But residents say they received little help evacuating, and now they are struggling to get basics: food, water and information.

(Image credit: Ryan Kellman/NPR)


[ For Grocery Stores In Texas, It’s A Race To Restock Their Shelves ]

People in Richmond, Texas, line up to gain entrance to a grocery store after it opened for the first time in several days due to Tropical Storm Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey destroyed intricate supply chains that keep supermarket shelves stocked with perishable food. Grocery stores are already rebuilding those networks.

(Image credit: Charlie Riedel/AP)


[ Chemical Plant Fire Raises Environmental Concerns In Wake Of Harvey ]

A fire at a chemical plant near Houston has raised concerns about the environmental consequences of the storm.


[ Why Some Muslims In Pakistan Won’t Be Able To Buy A Goat This Year ]

Ghulam Siddique, a goat herder from Pakistan

Buying a sacrificial goat for the Muslim holiday of Eid l-Adha is the sign of a strong household. But harsh droughts in the Karachi area are making it hard for families to afford one.

(Image credit: Amar Guriro for NPR)


[ Unlocking the Potential of Hydrogen in a Decarbonized Energy System ]

There is a growing need for grid-scale storage technology to mitigate the intermittency of renewables and enable the transition towards a decarbonized energy system. Hydrogen as an energy carrier could offer a climate-friendly solution to this. 


[ How to Cut the Cost of Wind Energy in Half — A National Lab Report ]

New energy science and technological breakthroughs could cut the cost of wind energy in half by 2030—making it fully competitive with the fuel cost of natural gas.


[ DONG Energy Secures Battery System for Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Project ]

DONG Energy is planning to install an offshore wind battery energy storage system (BESS) in the U.K. ABB said that it won a contract to install a 2-MW BESS to support integration and transmission of power from the 90-MW Burbo Bank offshore wind farm.


[ Standoff Over Rates for Utah Solar Customers Reaches Settlement; Concessions Were ‘Painful’ ]

According to Utah Clean Energy, a settlement agreement with Rocky Mountain Power in its rate case avoids a requested $15 fixed monthly charge, a $9.02 per-kW peak demand charge and a reduced energy rate for solar customers. 


[ Riding With A Rescue Mission In The Surreal, Perilous Texas Floods ]

Troy King navigates his boat through a flooded portion of Highway 90 in Houston on his way to rescue the Galvan family.

Nearly a week since Harvey struck Houston, many people remain stranded by high water in their neighborhoods. NPR rode along on a citizen water-borne rescue operation.

(Image credit: Katie Hayes Luke for NPR)


[ In Storm-Tossed Houston Area, Most Homeowners Lack Flood Insurance ]

Workers begin repairs to a wall that was lost in the wake of Hurricane Harvey on Wednesday, in Rockport, Texas.

Congress is widely expected to approve billions in aid for flood-stricken areas, but it may take a while to hit its targets.

(Image credit: Eric Gay/AP)